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Felting Needle Tool ( 7 βελόνες)

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Για γρήγορο , ομοιόμορφο felting  , χρησιμοποιήστε  το εργαλείο με τις πολλές βελόνες (7) 

*Take no effort to accomplish your felting projects by Sew Mate spring action felting needle.*Holds 7 needles for quicker and better felting effect just in a few seconds. *Ideal for attaching appplique(motif) to knits and many garments. *No thread or glue is needed! *The barbed needles are covered by retractable safety tube that protects the needle points from being exposed when they are not in use. *It also protects you from sharp needles.Brand:Sew MateItem No. DescriptionUnitFN-001(F)For fine fiber ; Includes 7 needlescardFN-001(H)For heavy fiber ; Includes 7 needlescardFN-106Refill Felting Needle (Heaby); pk of 7cardFN-107Refill Felting Needle (Fine); pk of 7card

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Felting Needle Tool ( 7 βελόνες)